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Designing How Your Tech Business Content Looks

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

If You Want To Be Taken Seriously In The Tech Field You Need To Design Your Content

We live in a fast-paced society, where people only want to invest their time in content if it's valuable to them. To make things easier, you should layout your content properly and optimize your marketing assets with professional design techniques.

There are a few great ways to layout your written content to increase your engagement with the right people.

How To Use Headings And Subheadings?

You probably already know about the power of a catchy Headline, but what about your other headings? When someone comes to your article for the first time, usually they don't want to stay for the whole piece. It's quite common for the reader to skim through your content to find the part that interests them the most.

Informative headings and subheadings spread throughout your content act as milestones for the reader to quickly and easily work out if they want to consume your article and find the specific part which is valuable for their needs.

If you design your headings/subheadings properly, you'll make the life of you audience easier and you'll have a better chance of keeping their attention if you can quickly give them what they want.

Short Paragraphs Are More Enticing

When your audience comes to your article, it's likely that they'll be put off by a big wall of dense text. Keep your paragraphs short and easy to consume, to make your reader feel better about committing.

Bullet Points And Numbered Lists

Lists are one of the most popular forms of content on the internet, and for good reason! They give the readers exactly what they want in a quick to consume and easy to understand format. They're a great way to organize your content and they're highly shareable.

Pay Attention To Text Size And Colour

Well-designed typography is easy to read for the audience. Do you have thin yellow text on a white background? Then maybe you will need to re-consider the design principles of your copy.

Typography in the tech industry is commonly curvy, simple and modern. Gradients and dark colours are quite popular. You need to make sure that your text connotes your brand voice and represents how you want to be viewed in your tech field.

Designing Your Artwork

Pictures are a fantastic way of grabbing attention and are especially useful in the tech industry, due to the futuristic and hi-tech aesthetics. Maybe you use pictures in the banner of your articles? Do you have text in your images?

If you're going to include typography in your images, then you need to follow good design principles. Does the size and colour of the text work on the picture? Have you got enough spacing between the letters and the edges of the frame? Make sure that you have appropriate spacing between all of the other design elements.

Tech infographics are an especially popular form of content marketing with artwork. They provide your audience with useful statistics and facts. Plus, they're highly shareable!

But no one's going to be interested in sharing your infographics if they aren't well-designed. Ensure that your infographics use great design technique and are easily readable for your audience.

The Power Of Interactive Content For Your Tech Business

The great thing about interactive content is that it adds value for your audience and keeps them coming back for more! Examples of great interactive content include:

  • Interactive infographics

  • Assessments and quizzes

  • Polls

  • Interactive videos

Interactive content can lead to an increase in engagement from your audience. If your audience loves it, then they will keep returning to your website to use it. This opens doors for nurturing your viewership, potentially turning them into clients over time.

The benefits of assessments, polls and quizzes is that you can offer them without the requirement for contact information, but you can still use them to gain insight into your market. The answers which the users give, may provide valuable data, which you can use in your marketing strategy.


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