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Explain Your Blockchain Service

Custom Animated Blockchain Videos Starting At $1,500 USD


  • <2 Minutes Duration

  • Custom Graphic Illustrations

  • Storyboard

  • Broadcast Standard Animation

  • Licensed Music And Sound Effects

  • Professional Voiceover


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Client: Causevest

Why Do I Need A

Blockchain Video?

From cryptocurrency to D'Apps, Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that stands to disupt the world's major industries. However, sometimes it can be a complex topic to explain to people.

Videos are proven to be successful in presenting blockchain services in an easy to understand and captivating format.


Videos Are The Perfect

Solution For Blockchain!

You can connect with investors, developers and customers in a meaningful way with videos, to make them engage with your service and remember your brand.

Our Work






Blockchain Explainer

Video Process

Step 1 - Requirements

Contact us with your requirements and budget.



Step 2 - Scripting

If you have a script ready we can work from that. Alternatively, we can craft a compelling script from scratch to showcase your blockchain innovation.














Step 5 - Review

We appreciate your input and will work with you to make your requested changes to ensure that you're happy!

Step 6 - Professional Voiceover

The final phase involves working with a world class Voiceover Artist of your choice.

Step 7 - Completion!

You're ready to show your blockchain innovation to the world!


Step 3 - Storyboard

We pride ourselves on our beautiful custom illustrations. We will present our vision to you in a storyboard for your feedback.

Step 4 - Animation

We have experts in Adobe After Effects who will bring the visuals to life with dynamic and highly engaging way!

  • How Long Does Production Take?
    We aim to complete a project within 2 weeks from the day that we start. Sometimes our clients require more time for their own internal discussions, so this timeline can be pushed back slightly.
  • Do You Offer Faster Delivery?
    Yes, for an added fee to be determined after a discussion about your project.
  • What's Included In The Fee?
    - <2 Minute Animation - Custom Graphics - Storyboard - Licensed Music - Professional Voiceover
  • What If I have Other Requirements?
    No problem! Why not contact usto discuss what you need?
  • I Have A Different Budget.
    Budgets determine the scope of what we can achieve. We're able to scale our services for you. Why not contact usto discuss what you need?
  • How Do I Make Payment?
    We will send through a contract which outlines our project and terms and conditions. You can sign this contract online and make payment. We need 50% of the fee up front to fund production (e.g. graphic design) and then the remaining 50% on completion of the project before we supply the final files.



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Blockchain Video Production Limited, trading as ORLA, is a company registered in Australia.

ABN: 49471841251.. Address: 147 Pitt Street, Redfern, NSW 2016, Australia. Mail: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

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