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Make A Great Video Marketing Strategy For Your Tech Company

Hello friends. It’s the year 2021. Video as a marketing tool has been essential for a good while now.

The biggest and most successful tech companies are using videos right now to market their business. It’s also highly likely that your competitors are using videos to get ahead of you.

Video marketing is the most accessible it’s ever been, and yet, so many tech businesses have no video marketing strategy.

Why? We’re not sure. But we CAN tell you why you need a strategy and how to create one.

Getting started with video marketing can be tough, but once you start producing content for your tech company, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along!

Video marketing is the act of creating “shareable” branded videos that either promote your company, or provide some value to the viewer. Hopefully, the video does both.

Here are the main steps to create a video marketing strategy:

  1. Understand your audience

  2. Set specific campaign goals

  3. Stay “on brand” and create a consistent message

  4. Create a video budget that makes sense

  5. Optimize videos for each channel

  6. Constantly test and refine

Once you understand the above steps and have created an outline that works for your company, you can go about creating your video marketing strategy.

Make sure your plan makes sense and stick to it. You can always alter the plan after a few videos or if you find that something just isn’t working. Don’t be scared to make changes. Just measure and have the results to back it up.

Why do you need a video marketing strategy?

Good question, why even bother with video marketing? Well, at this point in the game, if you’re not video marketing for your tech company you are missing out.

Videos are some of the most consumable and share-able forms of media. When done right, videos for tech companies tend to be more widely shared and provide a better “sales pitch” for your company than any other form of marketing.

Reaching out via cold email is a lot less appealing than sending a friend a quick vid (with CAPTIONS) on Instagram or Twitter. It’s simply easy for your consumers to share, and that’s what will get you in front of a large audience.

Well-made videos are also eye-catching. You’ll st