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Why you should continue to make more video content after your explainer video

There are three main reasons why companies stop making videos after they’ve received their explainer video.

1. Lack of video marketing knowledge

The reason they stop creating videos is because they don’t understand the concept of a video marketing funnel.

Many of our clients are missing out on the ability to scale their marketing efforts by creating these "VMFs".

One of the biggest issues is that clients fail to see past their initial explainer video. They assume that since this generated some interest, they do not need to create any more videos. However, this could not be further from the truth!

Every product or service you offer needs its own marketing funnel in order to be successful.

The first AWARENESS stage is usually going to be an attention-grabbing explainer video. This will generate interest and get people hooked into your funnel. However, after this they are going to want smaller chunks of information as opposed to sitting through another long video. The next video in your funnel provides that chunk of information.

As a small business owner, it’s important that you try and create at least 3 new videos every quarter in order keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say!

2. Inspiration

The second reason is that business owners run out of ideas and inspiration, which is understandable. The creativity process can be frustrating, even to experienced marketers.

The best way to fight this frustration is to work with a creative agency or freelancer that understands your business and can help you brainstorm great concepts for the next video.

Make sure you check their portfolio for content ideas. Most good creative agencies will have social media or e-mail marketing to inspire your own business.

3. Changes

The third reason why companies stop making videos is because they see a slight drop off in new business and think that the video isn't really working. This is completely false.

In reality, you’re probably seeing a slight dip in new business due to seasonal changes, the way you're using your video or because you’ve grown too much and have gotten away from your core target audience and messaging.


The first step is to understand why you might be experiencing a lull in new business. Is it because: - You’ve grown too much and have gotten away from your core target audience and messaging.

- Your product or service offering has changed and your video no longer accurately reflects what you do.

- It’s simply a seasonal lull. This happens to every businesses and is usually not a big thing to worry about.


Once you know the reason for the decrease in new business, you can take steps to fix the problem. If it’s due to seasonal changes, maybe you need to create more videos to fit in with these different periods throughout the year.

Many clients stop making videos after they receive their explainer video, but to gain the best results they need to continue to make more video content.

However, if it’s because you’ve grown too much or changed your offering, then you need to update your video accordingly. This might mean creating a new video from scratch or simply editing your existing video to better reflect your current business.

Either way, working with an experienced agency or freelancer will help ensure that your next video is of the highest quality and gets results.


We offer Video Marketing Funnels

We are ORLA and we specialize in making stunning videos for tech companies. We have worked with clients all over the world involved with blockchain, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, renewable energy, SaaS and much more.


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