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The Top 4 Benefits of Using Video in Marketing Funnels

Preparing to launch your new product or service? Or maybe you just want to promote your established business? If so, you’re probably looking at multiple marketing strategies to help grow your company and reach as many potential customers as possible.

"Video Marketing Funnels" refers to using videos at each step of your funnel.

By adding video into each step of your funnel, you’re able to convert leads into customers faster and easier than ever before. If someone lands on your website from an ad or email campaign, you could have them watch a video explaining why they should buy from you instead of your competitors.

Videos have been proven to increase conversions by 20%.

Video marketing can help you boost your sales in multiple ways—you just need to figure out which approach will work best for your goals. Here are the top four benefits of using video in marketing funnels that can help you reach your business goals faster and easier than ever before.

1) People remember content better when it’s visual

Visual content is very attention grabbing. People will remember your company because of your videos.

If you add a video to your Facebook ad, people will remember it more than they would if it was just text on a picture. The same goes for YouTube ads as well.

People remember better when they can see it and relate to it personally. They also connect better to stories because they are familiar with hearing stories via videos.

Adding a visual touch allows viewers to get attached and form a bond with your company as opposed to just seeing random text about what you do.

2) A 30-second video has the same conversion power as a 1,000 word blog post

A 30-second video has a lot of power, and can convey just as much information as a 1,000 word marketing piece (which takes way longer to read).

The reason is that people are more inclined to watch a video than read something. They want you to get your point across in a short amount of time and using your video marketing funnel is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal.

If you do choose to use video, be sure that it’s not boring! Explainer videos are some of your best options. Those will give you more freedom in how they look, feel and explain what they’re selling.

3) Videos are easier to share on social media

The most important thing to realise is that videos get shared a lot on social media. If you make an explainer video, it’s likely that someone will share it on Facebook or Twitter.

So how does that help grow your company?

All of this leads back to an understanding of how people use social media. People are much more likely to share a funny, entertaining video than they are to read something long and boring.

That’s exactly why an explainer video works so well as a marketing funnel tool — it makes sharing easy by being visually appealing and fun. And as soon as people start sharing your explainer video, more people will see it, which means more chances for new leads!

4) You get an SEO boost from YouTube

If you want your company to grow and become more popular, one of your best bets is to create videos.

Videos can teach people about your products or services, engage an audience, spark curiosity or share information.

The best part? Having YouTube videos will boost your SEO because Google owns YouTube. In other words, there’s no better way to expand your reach than through video marketing on YouTube.

These days, it’s not just how many visitors you get that matters; it’s how engaged they are that makes a big difference for long-term growth.


We offer Video Marketing Funnels

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