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Grabbing Your Customer's Attention

Marketing is all about grabbing customer's attention.

Marketers are experts at putting the right products and services in front of those who need them the most, so that they can eventually convince them to make a purchase.

What Do Tech Businesses Need To Do?

The thing is, there are hundreds of thousands of products in the market competing against each other. And this competition isn't just about having the best product, service, or experience; it's about being the most appealing one to the eyes of your target audience.

In a previous era, companies only had to send their marketing material to their customers to grab their attention. Whoever relies solely on that in this century, is pretty much digging a grave for their business.

Today, thanks to the quick growth of technology, customers have all the information available whenever they want it and whenever they need it. They no longer depend on the companies passing on certain information.

So, brands and businesses need to make their content available for their target audiences at all times, implement the right design and marketing strategies to be more attractive than their competitors to be at the top of their prospects mind's.


Brands need to see themselves as a tech business and start thinking of creative technology business marketing strategies to make the leads and customers feel important and unique to the company.

Technology has created new consuming behaviors. It has changed the way people surf the internet. Consumers are so oversaturated with ads and spam, that they've learned to ignore it and focus only on what they're looking for.

Moreover, some studies and articles show that the way marketers measure the engagement and the reach of their content isn't always accurate due to these behavioral changes.

Tony Haile, CEO of Cheatbeat, wrote an article for called "What you think about the web is wrong", in it, he talks about how the attention of most internet users has faded. After a long research that included over half a million articles, he found two important insights:

  1. Not everything that people click they read. Most marketers assume that all the articles people enter and scroll through are because they read them, but most times they just glance at them and don't even engage with the content.

  2. Most times, marketers assume that the more shares their content gets, the more views it'll get. But once again, this is just a myth.

Digital Marketing Ideas For Tech Businesses

Mini Graphics

These are useful because instead of showing big chunks of data, they use a visual approach that quickly captures the attention of the reader, making them want to go through the whole graphic, and not just glancing at certain paragraphs without understanding.

Short Lists

Short lists are ideal when you want to go directly to the point. They can help the readers get your idea quicker without having to spend time reading long articles.