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Generate Leads For Your Tech And Software Business By Adding Value With Content

Like meeting a person, visitors judge a website in a matter of seconds.

At ORLA, we often come across technology and software companies who are looking for the most effective ways to connect with their target market and generate high quality leads.

A common example is with a software or mobile app, looking to gain new users. How can businesses involved in technology and SaaS market themselves to attract new customers?

A proven way to turn visitors into customers with your website, is by utilizing entry point offers (EPOs). There are three types of EPOs used by successful websites: Ungated, Gated and Deep Discount.

Ungated Offers

These types of offers come in the form of blogs, podcasts and videos. They offer value to the reader without requiring anything in return, such as money or contact information.

Gated Offers

Something of value is given to the visitor, in return for something else. For example, signing up for a newsletter in return for customer contact details, which can later be used for marketing purposes.

Deep Discount

Offers the customer a purchase at an extreme discount, usually at 50% off or more. A word of caution with this method; regulation authorities tend to clamp down on websites that have continuous deep discounts. So, these offers must be changed out.

Creating Ungated Offers

Ungated offers are very successful because they are no-risk for the customer.

There are three prime methods to create these deals:

Entertainment – People love to be entertained! They will willingly give their time, attention and money to content that makes them laugh. That's why funny content goes a long way.

But it doesn't always have to be hilarious content to entertain your audience. If you're trying to get people to download your software or app, why not make a series of videos about a related topic?

An example for this is the Canva YouTube channel which boasts entertaining content like: "#CanvaChallenge: Design a logo in under 5 minutes".

Inspiring – Customers love the ability to picture themselves using a product. The fitness industry epitomizes this method with inspiring stories and motivational before/after photos.

How does your technology product or service make people's lives better? Does your software optimize lives? Is your app saving the planet with ecological or charitable initiatives?