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Choose The Right Agency For Your Tech Explainer Video

Choosing the right video agency to make your technology explainer videos is crucial, as the perfect video can magnify your marketing efforts.

Dropbox did it by gaining an additional ten million customers with a great video.

Client: Causevest

Whether you are focusing on software, hardware, blockchain, or artificial intelligence, here are five tips to choose the right agency for your technology explainer video:

5 tips for choosing the right agency for your technology video

1. Tech Industry Specialization

Make sure that your agency of choice specializes in technology, and is not a broad-based marketing company. If they are confused by SaaS, blockchain, or cryptocurrency, you will spend a lot of time over meetings and confusing e-mail chains explaining your product or service to the people who will be re-explaining this to your customers.

So, ensure that the Video Producer knows your topic!

2. Expertise

You should analyze the agency’s portfolio to know their style, and the level of complexity they can handle. How good are they with 3D or whiteboard animations? How well do they explain complex concepts? Can they elegantly bring out the benefits?

Client: EGG

3. Credibility

A good technology explainer video agency will be respected by their peers. You should research into how the industry views the agency. Check out some of their work on social media. That will give you an idea about how their content connects with audiences.

4. Track record

A strong portfolio with great customer reviews will reveal whether the agency can stick to deadlines, work to briefs and deliver above and beyond expectations!

Upwork profile: ORLA

5. Price