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3 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Explainer Video Agency

Are you in the market for an explainer video to help promote your brand, product or service?

Before you pick up the phone and call the first agency you see on Google, take a few minutes to consider these three questions:

  1. What’s my focus?

  2. Do they understand my company?

  3. Do they have an impressive portfolio?

Answering these questions up front will help save you time, money and even embarrassment later down the road when mistakes happen or deadlines aren’t met.

To help you with this process, here are answers to those three important questions so you can choose an explainer video agency wisely!

1. What’s My Focus?

Buyers shouldn’t have to spend time wondering how things work, they should get right down to business and see what suppliers have to offer.

A good video agency will understand where your video will sit in your marketing funnel and will be able to advise on the key things to focus on.

If you are targeting new customers who aren't familiar with your product or service, then aesthetics are very important. You should amaze people who see your company for the first time. You want to stand out from your competitors.

But if you are targeting past customers in an e-mail campaign, you can keep things more simple to support limited budgets that require multiple videos.

Make sure that you work out your goals and the Key Performance Indicators that you will use to measure if you're reaching your goals.

2. Does The Video Producer Understand My Company?

Businesses that specialize in technology and software often work with agencies that also specialize in these areas. This is due to the complex nature of the industry and also because innovative brands require a certain style of video.

Some explainer video companies don't specialize in any particular niche, which may make it difficult for them to understand what you do or what your product is about. This can lead to explainer videos that don't properly explain your product or service.

3. Do They Have A Relevant Portfolio?

A video production agency with a relevant (and impressive!) portfolio will be better equipped to create a high-quality explainer video that matches the desired look and feel.

Video quality is important, but the style of your brand's explainer video is even more critical. For example, if you run a tech business, an agency with mostly explainer videos for companies in your industry would probably be more valuable than an agency that does mainly promo videos for other niches.

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