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30 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Tech Business

Supercharge your tech business with these great tips for digital marketing!

1. Videos

If you don’t know by now, then where have you been? Video is everywhere and it’s one of the most successful types of content that you can make for marketing purposes. 80% of marketers say that video has directly helped increase sales.

2. Blogs

Do you have a blog for your tech business? If not then you should start! Blogs boost your website in search engines, develop relationships with customers and establish your business as an industry leader.

3. Paid Ads

You should be using paid advertising such as Facebook or Google ads. You can pay to get your content seen by your exact target customer and the analytics will show you your campaign results.

4. Reputation

If you want to be taken seriously by your clients and peers in the tech industry, then you need to have an amazing reputation. Do you have any case studies on your website? What about great client reviews?

5. Design

You should be consistently posting to your website and social media with high quality design technique. A well designed brand gives your company a professional look and feel, which clients can trust.

6. Graphics

How often are you using graphics? They are a powerful tool for your website and social media. They’re great for showing off your brand and visualizing complex concepts, which are common in the tech industry.

7. Digital Assets

You should be actively crafting valuable digital assets for your clients to download in return for their e-mail address. These digital assets could be anything from e-books, infographics and even podcasts.

8. E-mail

E-mail campaigns shouldn’t always be trying to sell something to the reader. That’s a quick way to get unsubscribed. Instead, try and offer value with great tips, blogs and digital assets, to nurture your audience.

9. Creative Suppliers

Does the person who’s making your videos and graphics love and understand your tech solution? Make sure you choose a Creative who specializes in your industry to get the best content for your business.

10. Strategize

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Write down a marketing plan which clearly defines your goals and the KPI’s that you will use to measure if your plan is working.

11. Customer Avatar

You should outline your ideal customer and use this as a blueprint for how to target your marketing campaigns. Think about their job, interests, the platforms they use and the problems that you can solve for them.

12. Influencers

If you can connect with the right influencer, they can promote your business to thousands of people. Research which influencers are popular with your target market.

13. Analytics

Data and analytics are key for giving you insights into the behavior of your clients. Use this information to tweak your sales pipeline, fix issues and lean into what’s working the most.

14. Cheap Media

Don’t blow your budget on cheap marketing assets, like a blog written for $5. You are better off saving up for quality creative content that will actually work!

15. The right video

There are many different types of videos. Work out if you need an explainer video for social media, a video sales letter for your landing page, or even a testimonial for your case study.

16. Stock

If you want to give your marketing assets a professional look on a budget, then why not invest in a few stock images and videos. There are many sites online which provide stock assets for a subscription.

17. Earned Media

If you create content which is Valuable, you will start to gain attention from your peers and clients. This will earn you promotion on blogs and websites, from your audience.

18. Owned Media

Are you maximizing the power of your owned media? This includes your website, social media pages and anything else that you control. Don’t let your owned media just sit there doing nothing.

19. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is important for getting your website seen. Boost your SEO with well-written blogs and articles. Google prefers unique, longer form content which is valuable for customers.

20. Platforms

Are you on the right platforms? Is your business better suited to LinkedIn or TikTok? Are you sure? Why not try out a few platforms to see where your business shines the most?

21. Captions

Transcripts and Captions add keywords to the metadata of a video. This improves the SEO of your video, making it more visible for your target audience.

22. Title And Description

The title and description of your content is vital for SEO. These components play a major role in Google’s ranking system. Research target keywords and craft your content accordingly.

23. Culture of Content

Allowing all your staff members to make content for your company can lead to many creative ideas and a great atmosphere within your business. Make sure that someone is there to manage this initiative.

24. Keywords

Keywords are super important for SEO. You will need to o some digging to see what kinds of words your clients are using when searching on Google. There are some tools online that can help with this.

25. Search Engines

126 million unique US users performed 6 billion searches on the Bing network in March 2019, according to ComScore data. So don’t neglect other search engines in your marketing strategy.

26. Podcasts

If you have a lot of interesting content, which can be listened to, then podcasts are a very popular option for your content marketing. Plus, they’re relatively cheap and easy to produce.

27. Landing Page

There’s a science to a successful landing page. Make sure that yours is perfectly designed with a great lead capture element. Test out multiple landing pages to see what works best.

28. KPI’s

Key performance indicators measure the success of your marketing. Examples include lead capture forms completed, video views, comments, likes and shares. Set the right KPI’s for your specific goal.


Video views can be deceptive, did you know that a view on Facebook is if someone watches for only 3 seconds. Whereas on YouTube a view is when someone watches for 30 seconds.

30. CTR

The click through rate will tell you how many viewers are clicking on your ads. The more engaging that your content is, the better chance you have of people clicking.


For more amazing tips, download our FREE e-book 99 Tips For Tech Businesses To Be Successful With Digital Marketing. Use these bitesize tips today to start growing your technology or software company!

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